Electric bikes (or E-Bikes) offer the same benefits as traditional bikes, plus several advantages as well:

Why Buy an E-Bike?
Extend your range

Go further for longer, or do your usual route in half the time - perfect for getting some pedal time in after work!

Easier commuting

As well as allowing you to commute over greater distances, headwinds and perspiration are no longer a big deal!

Injuries and health

If you have a lingering injury or a condition that prevents you from riding normally, E-bikes can be the helping hand you need.

Cycle to work Scheme

E-Bikes are now available on the cycle to work scheme, meaning you could save 25 - 39% on the cost of a new bike.

See our range of most popular models below. Other models can be ordered through us at no extra charge. Contact us to find out more about the cycle to work scheme, or to come in and try one for yourself!